About LinenBarn

The Story of Linen and our Connection

Linens were treasured heirlooms passed down the generations in our family growing up, and now we hope to inspire this tradition in you and your loved ones by sharing the joy and unparalleled beauty of exquisite linen crafted by skilled artisans.

A lifelong love for linen 

My love for linen can be traced to the school holidays I spent with my grandmother as a child in rural Lithuania, where one of my fondest memories is freshly baked bread lovingly wrapped in linen and left to rest. Another heart-warming memory is all the time we spent as a family gathered around her table, beautifully adorned with time-softened linen tablecloths.

Grandma’s linen was treated with great reverence. It was washed gently by hand and rinsed in a local pristine river to give it an unparalleled softness. I still smile when I think of her pulling her prized linen tablecloths out of her special chest, where they earned pride of place alongside her most treasured linen towels, scarves and clothes. She’d only pull them out on weekends, which were marked by family visits, shopping in the village markets on Saturdays, and attending church services on Sundays.

 Linen being washed in the river

Photo credit: waldenlabs.com

Living in London as a young adult, I spent a lot of time travelling throughout Europe, where I’d relish finding old artisan European linen stores in places like Belgium, France, Scotland, Ireland and the Baltic countries. Their masterful weaving patterns and varying thicknesses imbued the linens I found here with an exceptional quality that evoked those old-world linens of my childhood.

Life brought me to Brisbane in 2016, where I quickly learned that finding the same high-quality linen I was accustomed to was going to be a challenge. Missing the thicker material and weaves I had grown to love, I decided to launch LinenBarn in 2021 so I could bring the timeless charm of European linen to my new corner of the world.

Quality you can trust 

LinenBarn’s products come from Europe: from field to yarn to fabric, and eventually to the final product that reaches our Australian customers. The mills that we source our linen from are members of The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp, which is part of a well-conceived, eco-responsible agricultural program. See here to learn more: The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp - Le lin et le chanvre européen (europeanflax.com)

As a small family business, we’re proud to bring a personal touch to our service, giving clients the unique attention to detail normally reserved for bespoke luxury brands – but without the eye-watering price tag.

Another feature that sets us apart is the varying thickness of material we offer. Many brands develop all their products using linen of the same thickness, but we believe in choosing the best thickness for each individual product. That’s why our linen bedding is made from 165 GSM, the ideal year-round thickness for Australian nights, while our table linens are in the 205 to 280 GSM range for extra durability.

Linens to cherish for a lifetime 

Linen is a living material that evolves over time, becoming more beautiful and softer as the years pass. Every product in the LinenBarn family is selected not only for its outstanding quality but also in the hopes that it will become a cherished family heirloom.

Sincerely Yours,

Edita, the founder of LinenBarn