About LinenBarn

The Story of Linen and our Connection

Growing up in a family that passed treasured heirloom possessions from generation to generation was very special for us. As such, we hope to inspire the same traditions for you and your loved ones. We believe the joy and beauty of exquisite linen, crafted by skilled artisans, is unparalleled.

A Love for Linen

My love for linen developed while ensconced in my grandmother’s daily life in rural Lithuania, where I spent most of my school holidays.  My childhood evokes heartwarming memories of freshly baked bread, lovingly wrapped in linen and allowed to rest, beautifully adorned with time-softened linen tablecloths on very special occasions.

Grandma’s linen was revered; it was treated with immense respect, washed gently by hand, and rinsed in the local, crystal clear river to soften the fabric. Meanwhile, her linen tablecloths were always kept in a special chest with bespoke towels, scarves, and clothes. Cotton clothes and napery for everyday life and on the farm; linen clothes and napery were reserved for weekends, filled with family visits, village market shopping on Saturdays, and Sunday church services.

Linen being washed in the riverPhoto credit: waldenlabs.com

Now, I know I was spoiled during my travels to see such wondrous old-world linens and weaving patterns. As a young adult, I moved to London; for the next 11 years, I then spent a large amount of time travelling, discovering countless new styles and opportunities. I visited old, artisan European linen stores from Belgium, France, Scotland, Ireland and Baltic countries; their masterful weaving patterns and varying thicknesses of linen contributed to their exceptional quality. But when I moved to Brisbane in 2016, I realised quality linens just weren’t available. Australian linens were thin without the weaves and thickness I was accustomed to – and they all looked one in the same, which was why LinenBarn was born.


LinenBarn’s products come from all across Europe: from field to yarn to fabric, and eventually to the final product that reaches our Australian customers. The mills that we source our linen from are members of The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp, which is part of a well-conceived, eco-responsible agricultural program. See here to learn more: The European Confederation of Flax and Hemp - Le lin et le chanvre européen (europeanflax.com)

As a small family business, we are proud to offer our clients a more personal approach. We deliver the unique attention to detail of a bespoke luxury brand - without the eyewatering price tag.

Nurturing Linens with Love

At LinenBarn, we treat every one of our linen products the same; each is nurtured as if a soul to be adored. Linen is a living material, evolving over time in beauty, softness, and whiteness. And, just like a fine wine or previous generations of women, linens become more beautiful with age – an evolving love story, forever.

Sincerely Yours,

Edita, the founder of LinenBarn