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Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll show your appreciation this year. You’ll find lots of gift ideas online, but these lists always feature the same run-of-the-mill masculine presents that he’s probably already received on many other gift-giving occasions.

One thing he might not be expecting this year is linen, but you could surprise him in all the best ways with a carefully chosen gift featuring this natural, breathable, and very luxurious material. If you’re determined to steer clear of ties, shirts, cuff links and tools this year, we’ve got some fabulous gift ideas for you that your father is unlikely to buy for himself but will soon become firm favourites.

 Linen Bedding

If there’s one thing that all dads, grandfathers, stepfathers and husbands have in common, it’s that they all enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Bedding may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Father’s Day gifts, but when you understand what linen bedding brings to the table, it’s clear why this is truly a gift he’ll cherish. Linen bedding is eminently breathable, bacteria-resistant and moisture-absorbing, and it gets softer with every wash, making it a gift that he’ll love even more as time passes.

Here are a few bedding sets we think he’ll treasure:

Cinnamon gingham quilt cover set and sheets

 Cinnamon Checks Linen Quilt Cover Set - LinenBarn               Cinnamon gingham linen fitted sheet - LinenBarn

For a playful and fun dad, our Cinnamon gingham quilt cover set and sheets are sure to bring a smile to his face with their commanding presence and unisex appeal. The rich brown is balanced by the optical white checks for a look that charms but never overwhelms. Strong and durable yet impossibly soft, he’ll never want to sleep on any other type of bedding again – especially when you point out that it’s easy to wash and never needs ironing!

Sandstone quilt cover set and sheets

 Sandstone gingham linen quilt cover set - LinenBarn                Sandstone linen pillowcase - European - LinenBarn

If your dad is known for his great taste and affinity for all things luxurious, our Sandstone and Sandstone Gingham quilt cover sets were made with him in mind. The gingham check pattern is incredibly stylish, while the classic Australian sandstone shade manages to be both upscale and natural at the same time. Appointed with coconut buttons, that conveys a sense of quality and an appreciation for the finer things in life. After all, you’re not just giving him a bedding set – you’re giving him the joy of sleeping on a luxurious material that is ideal for a good night’s rest.

Natural beige quilt cover set and sheets

 Natural beige linen sheet set - LinenBarn               Natural beige linen fitted sheet - LinenBarn

For the dad who appreciates nature, it’s hard to go wrong with our Natural beige linen quilt cover set and sheets and the relaxed vibe they offer the room. It features an earthy shade that will fit in with his room effortlessly and allow him to enjoy this temperature-regulating material to stay cool on even the hottest nights. Made with a natural raw linen, this set is truly a gift from nature that will ensure sweet dreams for your father. 

Linen aprons, bread bags and tea towels

If your dad is happiest when he’s in the kitchen, consider making cooking even more of a sensory treat with linen kitchen textiles.

For a dad who loves cooking and entertaining, our linen aprons are both practical and stylish. We offer several shades of premium linen aprons that he’ll be proud to don around the barbecue or in the kitchen. We love the Moss green one as its dark shade can conceal spills and splatters, but the easy-wash nature of linen means that lighter tones like Natural beige will also stand the test of time. If your dad is fashion-forward, he might appreciate the added visual interest of our Natural stripes apron.

 Moss green linen apron - unisex - LinenBarn               Moss green linen apron - unisex - LinenBarn

If you want to make it a set, why not add a linen bread bag? Our Rustic natural flax linen bread bag gives your loaf room to breathe without going stale while enjoying the natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties of linen. A linen tea towel is another good accessory. Your dad will love how easily it absorbs liquid, whether he’s drying up spills or putting away the dishes.

 Rustic white linen bread bag - LinenBarn               Rustic natural flax linen bread bag - LinenBarn

Fathers can be tricky to buy for, but even the toughest dads will appreciate the enjoyment that comes from using long-lasting, premium linen around the home. Show him how much you care with these thoughtful, outside-of-the-box ideas.