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The beauty of linen revealed in the Mediterranean style home of Rosanna Pieper

Today we’re talking to styling pro Ros of @playa­_interiors. Ros and her family live in a gorgeous coastal town in NSW, where she draws upon her extensive fashion background and visual merchandising expertise to help her create interiors that exude style and charm.

Ros and her husband, who have been married for more than 25 years, have renovated several homes and have a penchant for DIY, and now she’s sharing what she’s learned on her Instagram account. These days, much of the focus is on her current renovation, a project that is already two years in the making. One thing you’ll notice immediately is its Mediterranean inspiration, which can be traced to her Italian heritage and childhood years spent living in Puglia.

In fact, her mom’s Italian cooking is one of the things that connected us. As a child, Ros often woke up to a home filled with the smell of homemade bread and sweets, which meant our linen bread bag was a natural fit for her! Here’s what she told us in our interview.

           White linen bread bag - LinenBarn                              White linen bread bag - LinenBarn

Hi Ros, tell us about yourself.

What drives you to do what you do?

I’m driven by my love for interior and exterior design and helping people achieve their dream homes and spaces. I have always loved being tidy and organised and having everything in its place. To create a beautiful home, I always strive to keep everything looking beautiful and live minimally. I aim to achieve beautiful and calm spaces that have a purpose and meaning. Every little corner of my home represents a moment and a memory of a place and time that I’ve shared with my family.

What inspires you?

Beautiful places, travelling, exploring different cultures, and the ocean all inspire me. I love living in a beach suburb that gives me the coastal feeling I crave. It takes me back to my dad’s town in Italy where we lived as kids, running though old white plaster buildings and cobblestone streets, with lots of beaches and the Mediterranean surrounding us. Most of all, I love to remember the food… there was lots and lots of seafood!

           Sandstone linen bedding set - LinenBarn                              Sandstone linen bedding set - LinenBarn

What do you love most about your home?

I love that it is now an open-plan layout. I’m also very happy that we now have a dedicated guest bedroom and bathroom that is situated away from the main living area. Perhaps most of all, I love that we live within walking distance of the beach and all its surrounding cafes and restaurants.

What is one possession you cherish the most?

My mother’s recipe notebook. It holds the most amazing recipes, all written in her handwriting. She gave it to me for safekeeping, and I will treasure it forever.

Do you collect anything?

Yes, my husband and I love collecting pieces of décor that have an interesting history and meaning. We love finding ways to style them in our home.

           White linen bread bag - LinenBarn                             White linen bread bag - LinenBarn

If you could change the world, how would you do so?

I would make it a safe haven for all humankind, with no wars. I’d make it a simple, positive and kind environment.

How are you consciously practising sustainability?

I’m a great believer in repurposing. I absolutely love a fab DIY and transforming something old into something new. I enjoy practising low-tox living. Using cruelty-free, vegan and natural products is also a priority; I love anything that is naturally derived and handmade.

Do you have any family traditions? If so, what are they?

The one family tradition that we have is to always eat seafood on Fridays. Growing up, Fridays were our seafood day. My dad would bring home the catch of the day or some other type of seafood. I remember mum and dad would be in the kitchen cooking together and singing along to Italian tunes, and we would all have to be home no later than 6:30 to have dinner with them.

I’ve carried that tradition to my own household. Every Friday, you’ll find a seafood dish on our table, with a perfect pinot gris and crusty homemade bread to go with it!

             Sandstone linen bedding set - LinenBarn                              Sandstone linen bedding set - LinenBarn


Don’t forget to see what Ros has been up to with her renovation by following her on Instagram at @playa_interiors. You won’t want to miss her stunning living room rug, and her kitchen is a master class in understated beauty.

We think our Rustic White Linen Bread Bag looks right at home in her gorgeous Mediterranean kitchen, and it blends in effortlessly with her neutral colour scheme. In fact, the beautiful crust on her bread contrasted against the white linen of the bread bag echoes the white and beige combo of her kitchen in general.

Be sure to check out her bedroom photos – we love how she changed up the look of our Sandstone Bedding Set by switching the throw and cushion covers. That’s the beauty of linen – there’s always a way to make it look fresh!