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The newest addition to the LinenBarn family: Forest Green Gingham and Indigo Blue Gingham linen bedding sets

Autumn-winter season is here, and although much of our attention is turning to the outdoors as we enjoy a reprieve from summer’s heat, LinenBarn has the perfect way for you to mark the season inside your home: our new bedding sets in Forest Gingham and Indigo Gingham!

Our linen bedding collection already has some amazing neutrals and warm summer shades, but we thought it was time to add some darker colours to suit an even broader range of tastes and colour schemes. Let’s take a look at our newest additions!

           Indigo Blue Linen Bedding Set - LinenBarn               Indigo Gingham Linen Bedding Set - LinenBarn

Indigo Blue Gingham

Our Indigo Gingham bedding balances a dark indigo blue that calls to mind the depths of the ocean with a crisp white for a look that is suited to the colder months without making your room feel dark and drab.

We love the possibilities here as the navy blue in the chequered pattern matches so many other shades that are popular in bedrooms. One of our favourite combinations is combining the Indigo Blue Gingham with pieces from our Tanami or Peach Gingham collection. Whether you toss some solid Tanami Linen pillowcases on the bed for a pop of colour against the Indigo Gingham quilt cover or you incorporate elements of our Peach Gingham set into your Indigo Gingham look, you can get a gorgeous effect that is perfect for this time of year.

           Indigo Gingham Linen Bedding Set - LinenBarn               Indigo Gingham Linen Bedding Set - LinenBarn

If you love our Sky Blue Gingham set for spring and summer but are looking for something a bit deeper for autumn and winter, our new Indigo Gingham pieces are perfect for helping you make that transition without needing to change other elements of your room. 

Forest Green Gingham

           Forest Green Gingham Linen Bedding Set - LinenBarn               Indigo Gingham Linen Bedding Set - LinenBarn

Another new colour we’re excited about is our bedding set in Forest Gingham, a stunning dark green that calls to mind pine trees set against a fresh white to keep it from overwhelming the room. Like the other colours in our linen bedding collection, this is a beautiful nature-inspired shade that is a tribute to the connection between linen and the environment.

We love the way this colour contrasts with our Sandstone linen pieces. A solid Sandstone Linen Flat Sheet looks amazing beneath the Forest Gingham Quilt Cover with a few Sandstone Linen Pillow Cases added to the mix to tie the colours together and give your bed an inviting look that will call to you at the end of each day.

           Forest Green Gingham Linen Bedding Set - LinenBarn               Forest Green Gingham Linen Bedding Set - LinenBarn

This deep green also looks phenomenal against our Optical White bedding, but any type of white bedding you have would work nicely with Forest Gingham. This combination against wood or wicker furniture of any shade will give your room an instant cottage vibe and suit a broad range of décor.

Why Choose Linen Bedding from LinenBarn?

Like the rest of our bedding sets at LinenBarn, the new colourways feature 100% certified European linen sourced from mills belonging to the European Confederation for Flax and Hemp for optimal comfort and sleep quality. They are also OEKO-TEX certified, which means you can rest assured that independent tests have found them to be free from a broad range of harmful substances.

When you consider how much time you spend between the sheets, you’ll appreciate the fact that you are not exposing your skin to toxins and carcinogens. Linen is also the ideal material for those who are prone to allergies and people with sensitive skin thanks to its hypoallergenic nature.

           Indigo blue gingham pillowcases - European - LinenBarn               Forest green gingham pillowcases - European - LinenBarn

One quality that draws many people to linen bedding is its unmatched ability to regulate temperature. As winter approaches, you’ll appreciate its ability to keep you warm and cosy, but it’s just as appealing in summer, when its moisture-wicking characteristics help you stay sweat-free and dry at night. Linen’s unique weave keeps air flowing for the ultimate in comfort and an incredible feel.

Linen is also a highly durable textile, which means you’ll get plenty of value out of your investment in linen bedding. When properly cared for, it can even be passed down the generations.

Check out our new bedding sets and start envisioning the possibilities for giving your bedroom a cooler-weather update with a top-notch material that will stand the test of time!