Linen bread bags: A sustainable alternative to plastic

Linen bread bags: A sustainable alternative to plastic

One of the biggest food storage struggles for many of us is keeping bread from going stale too quickly. Plastic bags might get the job done, but they can turn homemade bread tough rather quickly – not to mention how much they harm the environment. Bread boxes may fare slightly better, but they occupy more space on the counter than many of us are willing to give up and come with their own set of drawbacks.

The solution?

Linen bread bags!

Bread bags made of 100% pure linen are a sustainable alternative to plastic, and this all-natural material provides the ideal conditions for helping bread last longer without taking a toll on the planet.

Just why are linen bread bags the answer you’ve been looking for? Here are some of the benefits.

 Rustic Linen Bread Bag                              Pinstripe Linen Bread Bag

 They allow bread to breathe

Storing bread without it turning stale or mouldy requires striking a delicate balance between keeping it enclosed enough not to dry out yet open enough that air can circulate around it. Linen is the ideal material for this because it is known for its breathability, allowing the outside of your loaf to stay pleasingly crusty while the inside remains soft and tender. Plus, it keeps mould at bay by naturally wicking moisture away and absorbing it.

Linen is antimicrobial and antibacterial

We all know homemade bread – like every other food – is way better for us than the preservative-filled, store-bought varieties. While food companies sometimes argue that their processing can also resist the growth of mould and bacteria, good storage can have the same effect with none of the risks. Linen is a naturally antibacterial substance, which means it provides a less-than-ideal breeding environment for bacteria, so you can enjoy all that homemade goodness for longer.

They’re sustainable

Linen is a sustainable, plant-based material, and switching to reusable linen bread bags also means you won’t be using and throwing away plastic or other materials. It can be washed easily and used again and again, making it the perfect choice for a zero-waste kitchen.

LinenBarn’s bread bags are OEKO-TEX certified, which means they are free from harmful chemicals such as pesticides, carcinogens, phthalates and dyes – all substances you don’t want anywhere near your food! After putting in the effort to bake your own healthy bread, why would you want to keep it in anything that could compromise your family’s health when you could use a beautiful linen bread bag instead?

                               Rustic Linen Bread Bag

They take up very little space

Even the biggest kitchens have a way of feeling too small over time, so one great thing about these bread bags is how little space they occupy. They can be easily stored on hooks or in a cupboard, and they can even be tucked into a drawer.

However, they’re attractive enough that you might actually want to display them on your countertop and can even be part of the décor – whether you go with classic white, rustic grey or elegant pinstripe – and they take up far less space than a bulky bread box.

Linen’s unique characteristics make it especially suited to the challenges of keeping your bread fresh for longer. Get some of our natural, eco linen bread bags and store your homemade bread in them, or bring them with you to the bakery to avoid the need for plastic bags – and don’t be surprised if they start a few conversations!