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Linen Tote Bags - Greener Choices for Shopping

With single use plastic now either being banned (bye bye plastic bags, straws and cups!) or phased out, this is the perfect opportunity to look and see where we can reduce our individual impact on the environment through our consumer choices.

This is an issue LinenBarn is so passionate about!  With every purchase of our gorgeous European linen pieces, you can have full confidence that our linen products live up to our ethos – they are kind to the planet through their production, OEKO-TEX® certified, are hardwearing and will really stand the test of time (unlike my under-eye area), improve with age, and best of all, recyclable.

But back to greener choices in our daily shopping… Supermarket plastic shopping bags can be reused and when they’re ready to cross the plastic rainbow bridge, simply take them to the soft plastics bin at the front of your local supermarket to be recycled.  You can slowly work on building up your collection of linen market bags over time while you’re wearing down your plastic ones.

A linen tote bag is a perfect choice as it lasts forever, can be easily tossed in your handbag, and have a terrific, structured base.  


I got fed up with those supermarket plastic weigh bags that are flimsy, don’t really do the job and I have a lot of concerns around the use of virgin plastic.  Next to go in my war against plastic was cling film (shudders)…  While it’s been a household staple for decades, the guilt factor was too much – I just swapped out for some chic storage containers with bamboo lids from Biome Eco Store and a handful of silicon bowl covers which easily stretch across the surface.

We are all in this together and every step is valuable – don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t have it all perfect, it takes time to adapt but start where it feels most comfortable.

Dena Diaz

LinenBarn team