What is OEKO-TEX®certification? - LinenBarn - LinenBarn

What is OEKO-TEX®certification? - LinenBarn

Happy New Year to you all! Let’s hope 2022 is a better year for everyone!

Today I want to talk about certification. You’ve probably seen the occasional catalogue for sheets and towels with the “OEKO-TEX® Certified” branding and wondered what it means.

Well, just like produce and food products can be labelled Australian Certified Organic (or USDA Organic certification for those in the US), textiles has its own certification standards.

In essence, any fabric product awarded this standard of certification gives the consumer confidence that testing has been conducted for, and has come up clear of, harmful substances – more than 100 of them to be precise. Yikes! Think about all the sheets and towels we have all bought and used in the past and never known that they are potentially full of nasties like formaldehyde (causing things like watery and burning eyes, nose and throat, coughing, skin irritation and nausea – yep, no thanks!), and that’s just the start.

The good news is that certification cannot be bought, so when a company offers  OEKO-TEX® certified products, you know that they’ve been independently given the green light and that’s so important
for all of us trying to lighten our load on the environment as well as enhance and maintain the health of our families.

Imagine if all companies producing clothing, home textiles and the like all ceased production practices that caused runoff of industrial chemicals from leaching into the local water supply!

In line with our ethos of sustainability and offering the consumer premium luxe linen products while also reducing our footprint on the planet, LinenBarn’s linen is sourced strictly from suppliers who
have achieved OEKO-TEX® status.

Dena Diaz

LineBarn team